Jacob Levenson

Floating Classroom Marine Life Education

Floating Classroom offers an opportunity to learn about marine life firsthand, face to fin

With the goal of instilling in Caribbean youth an appreciation for what the ocean offers and a commitment to protecting marine life in the Caribbean and beyond, Floating Classroom offers an opportunity to learn about marine animals firsthand, face to fin. Each of these efforts are leading to reduced incidence of poaching and decreased plastics use on the Island of Dominica. I led and assembled a team of local community leaders, educators and scientists that:

  • Trained teachers in implementing floating classrooms curriculum

  • Co-taught classroom lessons alongside local teachers to build confidence in delivering new martial

  • Afforded each class the opportunity to track a satellite tagged Leatherback Sea Turtle
  • Ensured quantifiable metics were in place to monitor student progress and community conservation attitudes
  • Established a distribution plan for 5,000 reusable grocery bags to reduce plastic bag use
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Beneath Waves to Radio Dial

One element of a community outreach strategy to promote this ocean educational program involved in coordinating an underwater radio program. Despite numerous challenges, we pulled off a terrific program resulting in the Eastern Caribbean's first ever live underwater broadcast!