Jacob Levenson

Protecting Biodiversity-There's an app for that.

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Developing simple, easy to use mobile apps that leverage the intuitive user interfaces gather information for conservation is another way I see myself as a catalyst for ocean conservation. Most recently I worked on an effort to enable the shipping industry to easily receive notification of right whale management measures in real time greatly reducing the risk of lethal ship-whale collisions. This project, known as WhaleAlert, took stakeholder outreach from easily overlooked placards to an interactive tool impossible to ignore.

As a co-founder of Conserve.IO, I'm now working to connect the many sightings networks around the world for a truly awesome way to involve anyone in conservation of marine species. Check back here soon and in the meantime visit Conserve.IO for more information.

Rise of the Smartphone Naturalist

It's amazing to see how the iPhone and other mobile devices are revolutionizing our lives. Suddenly we can book a plane ticket, find a taxi, read restaurant reviews and get directions on a map simply and easily. I feel this can have profound implications for science and have been working to leverage smartphones for science. I've just completed making a cloud based whale sighting database in the Caribbean and will soon have a mobile tablet app that greatly streamlines data-entry. I envision a world where anyone can help contribute to science and enabling this tool for mobile smartphone use is my next endeavor. To find out more check out Conserve.IO